Max King
Max King1
Vice Captain
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B & A King Transport

Brayden Kilpatrick
Brayden Kilpatrick2
Jayden Cass
Jayden Cass3
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker4
Liam Cox
Liam Cox5
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Clint Jones

Dylan Marshall
Dylan Marshall6
Rory Scopel
Rory Scopel7
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Seymour Electrical & Solar

Jason Want
Jason Want8
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Melbourne Window Cleaning Co

Matt George
Matt George9
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Eastern Region Osteopathy

James Wilsen
James Wilsen10
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Mavcon Pty Ltd

Tom Sheridan
Tom Sheridan11
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H2O Plumbing Services

Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor12
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Pedders Suspension & Brakes

Lucas O'Neill
Lucas O'Neill13
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Multigroup Logistics

Ayden Kennedy
Ayden Kennedy16
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper17
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Vince Cali

Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones18
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CNW Electrical

Xavier Smith
Xavier Smith19
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BARTEC Australia Pty Ltd

Sam Cali
Sam Cali20
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H2O Plumbing Services

Luke O'Toole
Luke O'Toole21
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Datum Building
J Clark Electrical

Tom Schinck
Tom Schinck22
Vice Captain
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FIJO Support Pty Ltd

Matt Aldous
Matt Aldous23
Callan McKeon
Callan McKeon24
Mason Helleren
Mason Helleren25
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Jacobs Fabrications

Liam Fitzgerald
Liam Fitzgerald26
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H2O Plumbing Services

Devon McKernan
Devon McKernan27
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Knoxdale Paving & Concreting

James Fasan
James Fasan28
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Word of Mouth Technology

Tyler Charlton
Tyler Charlton29
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CMA Metal Roofing

Daniel King
Daniel King30
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AMG Constructions

Tyler Belloni
Tyler Belloni31
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Custom Resurfacing

Will Connor
Will Connor32
Tom Hardstaff
Tom Hardstaff33
James Draper
James Draper34
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt35
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TFE Services

Ben Willis
Ben Willis36
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Billy Carter
Greg Gibb – Ray White Croydon

Alex Birch
Alex Birch37
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DM Enterprise

Lachlan Evans
Lachlan Evans38
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Shot by Dyls

Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart39
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The Flooring Shed

Joshua Akaruru
Joshua Akaruru40
Lenny Robin
Lenny Robin41
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The System

Aaron Huang
Aaron Huang42
Will Tull
Will Tull43
Josh O'Toole
Josh O'Toole44
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Fortune Palace Restaurant

Fraser Sheridan
Fraser Sheridan45
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John Dinnell

Mackinley Bruce
Mackinley Bruce46
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Eastern Height Safety

Declan McCormack
Declan McCormack47
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Hallmark Landscape & Design
Allegion (Australia) Pty Ltd

Brodie Leech
Brodie Leech48
Jake Walker
Jake Walker49
Ethan Stone
Ethan Stone50
Ethan Dobson
Ethan Dobson51
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Billy Carter

Sam McKellar
Sam McKellar52
Jack Schinck
Jack Schinck53
Tyran Heward
Tyran Heward55
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Jamieson Brewery & Grill

Charlie McKellar
Charlie McKellar56
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Teacher Presence

Josh Bettess
Josh Bettess57
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Accru Melbourne

Justin McCormack
Justin McCormack58
Kyle Rooney
Kyle Rooney59
Mitchell Tampion
Mitchell Tampion60
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Interspan (Vic) Pty Ltd

Kynan Yates
Kynan Yates61
Jordan Blair
Jordan Blair62
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Natural Health Chiropractic

Coby Arbuckle
Coby Arbuckle63
Jackson Hodge
Jackson Hodge64
James Isles
James Isles65
Lachlan Allwood
Lachlan Allwood66
Nathan Rancie
Nathan Rancie67
Tim Tegg
Tim Tegg73
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Stickbuilt Framing Pty Ltd

Ben Fulton
Ben Fulton85
Chris Jones
Chris Jones87
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ARQ Projects

Nathan Kenny
Nathan Kenny88
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Nonzero Investments Pty Ltd

Nick Evans
Nick Evans91
Trent Marotta
Trent Marotta92