Thanks to our Junior Club Committee who have worked tirelessly to ensure 14 teams are taking the field in season 2024!

The club has grown from approximately 240 registered players in 2023 to over 300 registered players this year. This is great news for the future!

With more teams and players the work required to field everyone increases, so as the saying goes, ‘Many hands make light work’! Please put your hand up to help the Junior club support kids in their sporting endeavours.

SCJFC  3 key themes in 2024 are:

  •        Participation
  •        Development
  •        Sportsmanship

The 14 teams taking the field this season are:

  • U8 Boys
  • U9 Boys
  • U10 Boys & Girls
  • U11 Boys
  • U12 Boys & Girls
  • U13 Boys
  • U14 Boys & Girls
  • U16 Boys & Girls
  • U17.5 Boys
  • U18 Girls