We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming club to everyone within the community, and with Lorraine ‘Loz’ Sorono joining the Women’s Playing List in 2023, we wanted to provide all of our supporters, players, coaches and volunteers with the opportunity to learn the club theme song in sign language…

Watch the video as many times as you need in order to learn it 

Thank you to Reserve Women’s Captain Emilie Fogarty, and Women’s Player, Grace Tobin for assisting with the video – and to Jeff McKeon at Slipstream Productions for helping bring it all together!

South Croydon Football & Netball Club Song

Hearts to hearts and hands to hands,
Beneath the red, blue and white we stand,
We shout, God bless our native land,
South Croydon, South Croydon.

Out we come, out we come, out we come to play,
Just for recreation’s sake, to pass the time away,
Lots of fun, heaps of fun, enjoy yourself today,
South Croydon boys/girls are hard to beat when they come out to play.

So join in the chorus, and sing it one and all,
Join in the chorus, South Croydon’s on the ball,
Good old South Croydon, they’re champions you’ll agree,
South Croydon is the team we love, the team for you and me.